International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
Bylaws of the International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
2. Objectives of the ICCP

To stimulate the worldwide scientific study of clouds and precipitation phenomena.

To encourage the transfer of scientific ideas among scientists via discussion, presentation and publication; and to facilitate international scientific collaboration in the study of clouds and precipitation phenomena.

To promote education and public awareness of scientific issues relating to clouds and precipitation phenomena in the atmosphere.

The primary means to achieve these objectives is through the organization of Conferences, Workshops and Symposia, including a quadrennial International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation and symposia forming part of the General Assemblies of IAMAS and IUGG.

To promote wide participation in its Conferences, Workshops and Symposia, ICCP will provide necessary financial assistance, to the extent fiscally feasible, to students and/or scientists to enable their participation, especially those from the less developed countries.

ICCP may also establish such working groups and committees as needed, including joint committees with other Commissions of IUGG, to achieve these ends and/or to address scientific issues as deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

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