International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
Bylaws of the International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
5. Meetings of the ICCP

The General Assembly of the Commission is a meeting of the Officers, Executive Committee, Past Presidents and Honorary Members.

The Commission will meet in General Assembly at the time and location of the International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation organized by the Commission, or at General Assembly of the IAMAS.

If the need should arise, the Commission may also meet in Extraordinary General Assembly during the interval between two General Assemblies.

The time between General Assemblies must not exceed four years, with allowance for minor scheduling variances (few months).

The location of the next International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation, and typically the next General Assembly, is determined at the current General Assembly. The President and Vice-President will solicit nominations of candidate locations well in advance of the current General Assembly. Key factors in deciding a venue are the existence and interest of a suitable host organization and/or local organizing committee, the availability of suitable facilities, and practical considerations such as cost and accessibility. As evidenced by our history, geographical balance with respect to past locations is a strong consideration. The final determination is made by ballot after discussion. Individuals may be invited to make brief presentations on candidate locations prior to the vote. These persons do not need to be members of the Commission. In the event that a location is selected but subsequently proves to be non-workable or highly non-favorable geopolitical conditions develop, the President may prudently arrange an alternate venue with the concurrence of the Vice-President and Secretary.

The planned time and location of General Assembly of the Commission must be reported to IAMAS. Reports on the General Assembly must also be made to IAMAS. Such reports shall be made by the President within 6 months to the General Secretary of IAMAS and include a listing of current Officers, membership of the Executive Committee, and Honorary Members as well as other data deemed useful to IAMAS.

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