International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
Bylaws of the International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
8. Election of the Officers

Officers who are serving their first 4-year term and are willing to serve for a second term are automatically nominated for a second term, or a third term in the case of the Secretary. The Secretary will confirm the willingness to serve an additional term prior to a call for new nominations.

The President will appoint an Election Subcommittee comprised of 2-4 members of the Executive Committee with the concurrence of the Vice-President and Secretary. Past Presidents and Honorary Members may also serve on the Election Subcommittee. Each member of the Election Subcommittee shall have a good knowledge of cloud physics and precipitation scientific communities throughout the world. If the President is completing his/her second term, the President will chair the election subcommittee. Alternatively, the subcommittee will be chaired by a Past President or other member of the Executive Committee appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Vice-President and Secretary.

The Election Subcommittee will issue a call for nomination of Officers not less then 3 months prior to the election that will take place at the next General Assembly. The call will be issued to the worldwide community of scientists involved in cloud physics and precipitation research. Nominations can be made via email or regular mail to members of the Election Subcommittee. In addition to the name of the nominee, a valid nomination must include the nominee’s affiliation, email address, phone number, a description of the nominee's scientific accomplishments and expertise, and a letter from the nominee indicting a willingness to serve if elected. Candidates must have citizenship in a member country of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics.

A list of qualified candidates shall be distributed to all members of the Executive Committee at least 2 weeks prior to the election, that will occur at the General Assembly. Candidates do not have to be Members of the Executive Committee, current or newly elected. Nominations can be made at any time until the elections are completed. Insufficient documentation of qualifications, or lack of consent to serve, may preclude election.

The election of Officers occurs during the General Assembly. The vote is held subsequent to the election of Members of the Executive Committee. Votes shall be confidential (by secret ballot) unless this requirement is waived by super majority (2/3rds) of the members present. Ballots are cast by each member of the current Executive Committee, and not by the newly elected members who assume their position after the General Assembly when they formally accept the position in writing to the President. Elections of the President shall occur first, Vice-President second, and Secretary last. Officers are elected by simple majority vote of the Members.

Past-Presidents and Honorary members do not participate in the election of the Officers.

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