International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation
Members of the Commission
(Showing country of origin and year elected)
Prof. Andrea Flossman - President France 2012
Prof. Greg McFarquhar - Vice President USA 2016
Dr. Darrel Baumgardner - Secretary Argentina 2012
Dr. Horace Byers (deceased) USA 1992
Sir John Mason (deceased) UK 1992
Prof. Hans Pruppacher Germany 1996
Dr. John Hallett (Deceased) USA 2004
Prof. Peter V. Hobbs (deceased) USA 2004
Prof. Roland List (Deceased) Canada 2008
Prof. John Latham UK 2012
Prof. Zev Levin Israel 2016
Dr. Rachel Albrecht Brazil 2016
Dr. Paul Connoly UK 2016
Dr. Corrina Hoose Germany 2016
Dr. Martina Krämer Germany 2016
Dr. Chunsong Lu China 2016
Dr. Hugh Morrison USA 2016
Dr. Narihiro Orikasa Japan 2016
Dr. Alfons Schwarzenboeck France 2016
Dr. Philip Stier UK 2016
Dr. Trude Storelvmon USA 2016
Dr. Julie Thériault Canada 2016
Dr. Susan Van den Heever USA 2016
Dr. Heike Wex Germany 2016
Dr. Seong Soo Yum Korea 2016
Dr. Paul Field UK 2012
Dr. C. Franklin Australia 2012
Dr. Ismail Gultepe Canada 2012
Dr. Ilan Koren Israel 2012
Dr. Ottmar Moeller Germany 2012
Dr. Vistor Petrov Russia 2012
Dr. Thara Prabhakaran India 2012
Dr. Robert Rauber USA 2012
Prof. Rob Wood USA 2012
Dr. Huiwen Xue China 2012
Prof. Peter V. Hobbs (Deceased) USA 1984-1992
Prof. Peter .R. Jonas UK 1992-1996
Dr. George A. Isaac Canada 1996-2004
Prof. Zev Levin Israel 2004-2012
Dr. Barbara Hale (USA) - Chair: ICCP-Committee on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols     
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